wooden boat

1. Enavigo wooden boats
Enavigo Yachts combine classical design features with high-spec modern equipment to build boats that boast more than the usual range of features. Using the latest production technologies we offer well-made, seaworthy and aesthetically pleasing wooden boats that stand apart from vessels crafted with today’s more modern materials. Our aim is to produce high quality, wooden boats that will satisfy both the hearts and minds of those that sail them.

Sailing Boat

2. Zhejiang Easting house Electric Co.,Ltd

Sailing Boat
This is our new products produced in our company, this kind of wooden sailing oats are classical, modern and environmental friendly. They are both excellent in qulity and reasonable in price,therefore, they are very popular all over the world. We’ll offer you best price and provide you with first-class products and service.

Sushi Boat

3. Yeahchance International Trade Co.,Ltd

Sushi Boat
1. An elegant wooden sushi boat in Japanse style
2. A wooden tableware is used to serve and arrange sashimi and sushi
3. It can also be a decoration
4. It is suitable for home, hetel, and Japanse restaurant use
5. The shiny, polished surface is durable

Inflatable Sport Boat

4. Weihai Noahyacht Co. Ltd

Inflatable Sport Boat
The characteristics of Inflatable Sport Boat is that the craft is mature, the operation is nimble and simple, it is suitable for wooden floor and aluminum floor, airmat floor. They are multi-usage boat that suits for water work and satisfies people's leisure.

Unique Portable Boat

5. Porta-Bote International of Mountain View

Unique Portable Boats
The airmen used an ultra-light folding Porta-Bote dinghy to set an altitude record for boating. The boat which folds to 4 inches (11cm) flat, was able to be transported up Mount Everest strapped, in the folded configuration, on the back of a yak. Although inflatable craft could have been used, the airmen preferred something that did not need inflating at high altitudes. They were concerned with the obvious danger of an inflatable exploding and suffering from punctures.

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